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    Configuration: Reciprocal Relations

    In This Article:

      You can configure Reciprocal Relations specific to your organization’s needs. Prior to adding a Reciprocal Relation, you must first create the Relation names on the Constituent node > Relations panel.  Once you have set the new relation, you are then ready to add a Reciprocal Relation.

      1. From the main menu, select Manage and then Configuration.
      2. The Configuration window will be displayed.  Select Reciprocal Relations from the Explorer panel.
      3. To Add a new Reciprocal Relation, select the Add button.  The Add Reciprocal Relations window is displayed.
      4. Select the Relation to which you would like to add Reciprocal Relations.
      5. Select the Generic, Male and Female reciprocals as appropriate.
      6. Click Save

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