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    Search for an Existing Batch

    In This Article:

      1. From the main menu select Manage, then Batches
      2. The Batch Search screen will be displayed. Type the desired Batch Name. Enter other known search parameters, such as Earliest Date, Latest Date, Updated By, Status or Type.  If the entire name or spelling is not known, you may use the * as a wildcard.  For example, if you are searching for a Batch whose name begins with 2004, then you could type 2004* and all of the Batches that begin with 2004 will be returned.
      3. Select the Search button.   A list of possible matches will be returned. 
      4. Double click the desired Batch to open it. 

      The Batch Search window is able to be sorted.  Select the group you wish to sort by (such as name, updated, type, etc.) and click once.  The arrow to the right of the header title shows whether the information is sorted in an ascending (pointing up) or descending (pointing down) manner.

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