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    Write Off a Pledge Payment Installment

    In This Article:

      If a donor is unable to make an installment, you may write off a pledge payment installment.

      1. Open the desired pledge and click the Details button.
      2. The Pledge Details Screen opens.
      3. Select the installment you wish to write off by clicking on that installment once. The installment will now be highlighted.
      4. Select the Write Off Installment button. The Status of the installment changes from unpaid to Write Off.  Select the OK button. You are returned to the donation screen.
      5. On the main donation screen select the Save button to insure the record is updated.
      6. If you need to change the status back to unpaid, simply select the Reset Write Off button.  If you need to write off the entire pledge, simply select the Write Off All Installments button.  If you choose to do this, return to the donation page and select Save.  After saving you will notice next to the Make Installment button it now says Written Off.

      NOTE: Pledge Payment Installments are reflected in the Pledge Drive Report.  To see the write offs listed be sure to select the Show Donor Details checkbox.  The write offs will be listed in the Donor Details for all Solicitors section next to the donor’s name under the Write Off Amount column.

      The Pledge and Matching Donation Summary Report will not list any pledge payments that have been written off.

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