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    Acknowledgment Wizard: Add an Acknowledgment Letter Template

    In This Article:

      Before you can add an Acknowledgment Letter Template to the Acknowledgment Wizard, the document must be created on your computer and added to Salsa CRM. Acknowledgment Letter Templates must contain acknowledgment variables relevant to this type of letter. If you have not completed this step, please review the article, Document Editor: Google Docs - Create a New Document.

      Once your template has been created, you must use the configuration screen to define the type of Form Letter.  This will make the template available to you on the appropriate Salsa CRM screen.

      Once the Acknowledgment Letter Template is added to Salsa CRM, take the next steps to add it to the Acknowledgment Wizard:

      1. Select Manage > Configuration.  From the Explorer menu, select Forms, Letters & Receipts.  By default the General tab should be selected, if it is not, click to select.
      2. Click the Form Letters to Screen button, the Form Letters to Screen window displays.  
      3. In the Name text box, enter the name of the document that you want to reference in Salsa CRM (it is not necessary in Salsa CRM for the file name and the document description to be identical).
      4. From the Type drop-down menu, select Acknowledgement
      5. The Tax Deductible and Summary Letter options are unavailable for Acknowledgments
      6. If the organization wants to include a YTD total on the Acknowledgment Letter, click to add a checkmark for Requires YTD Total.
      7. Click to add a checkmark to Display on Dropdown
      8. Select Delivery Method from the dropdown
      9. Click the Select Document button
      10. The Document Search window appears.  From this window, you will find the documents that have been added to Salsa CRM.  Documents that have NOT been added to Salsa CRM, although they may be on your computer, will not appear in this list.  
      11. Click the desired document and it will be added to the Add Form Letter to Screen window. 
      12. Click Save.
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