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    Dashboard Snapshot

    In This Article:

      The Dashboard is the window that opens by default with you log in to Salsa Engage. It features an overview of Salsa Engage activity.

      Log In and Forgot Password

      Log In

      If you need to log into Salsa but aren’t sure where to do so, here is the login URL:

      You'll see this window:

      Some campaign managers may be associated with more than one organization. If that’s you, then you’ll see the ability to select which organization you want to work within after you enter your information. Simply click on the organization name and then select Log me in!


      Forgot Password

      If you’ve forgotten your password and can’t get logged in, on the login screen you should see an I forgot link...

      ...which will take you to a password reset screen.

      Enter your email address and you’ll receive an email with a link that will take you to a page that will allow you to change your password.

      Remember: When you reset your password, you will be asked the security question that you entered when you originally signed up. Once you get that taken care of, you’ll be able to log in using your new password.

      Dashboard: Account Snapshot

      This is what your dashboard will look like after your initial account setup is complete.


      The first set of stats are how many Campaign Managers you have on your account. Next is your total number of supporters in your account, broken into how many subscribers you have (folks who aren’t unsubscribed) and how many supporters that have donated.

      You will also see the total amount of funds raised since your account was created, broken out into one-time and recurring donations.

      The last lifetime stat is how many messages have been sent, this is broken out into email and social posts.

      Below these lifetime stats you will summaries for different sections of your Solis account with the ability to change the timeframe (30days, 90days, 1year or Lifetime) of when the data is pulled.

      If you have a specific date range you want to filter by click the date dropdown and select the range of days and click Apply.


      Data by Date Range

      Below the overview, you'll find some additional statistics about specific aspects of your account.  

      • Email Blasts - The total number of emails sent in the time range you specified. It will also give you a total of clicks and conversions for all emails sent in the time range.
      • Social Posts - The total number of Social Posts published in the time range you specified. It will also give you a total of clicks and conversions for all Social Posts published in the time range.
      • New Subscribers - The total number of new subscribers added to your account in the time range you specified. It will also give you a total number of unsubscribes that occurred and how many supporters updated their subscription options.
      • Amount Raised - The total amount raised for the timeframe you selected. This is split into amount raised by returning donors vs. new donors.
      • Event Funds Raised - The total amount raised from Event Activities, from registrations and donations, for the timeframe you selected.
      • P2P Funds Raised - The total amount raised from P2P Activities, from registrations, donations, and purchases, for the timeframe you selected.
      • Targeted Actions - The number of messages sent and engaged supporters for the timeframe that you selected. Engaged supporters is the number of supporters who started an action (regardless of how many targets they contacted).
      • Petitions - The number of signatures and and comments you've received on Petitions that you have published for the timeframe that you selected.

      To toggle on/off specific stats in the graphs click the colored box next to the stat you want to toggle.

      To get specific details for a point on the graph hover your mouse over the spot on the graph.

      Favicon Customization

      You may have noticed that when you open a new window in your browser, many sites have a small image alongside the page title, like so:

      This small image is called a “favicon” and can help to make your Engage pages even more distinct.

      To add or change your favicon, first find the Settings icon (the hammer and wrench) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen:

      Once you're there, find the pulldown menu called "Switch to..." near the right-hand side of the page.  Click it and select the "Look & Feel" section:

      Once you're there, you can click the "Upload new Favicon" button:

      This will take you to your computer's file browser, where you can select and add your own image. Don’t have a favicon?  You can use a page like or to generate your own favicon.

      Note: If you want to add a favicon to a page that has already been published, you’ll need to first make your page private, then re-publish your page. 

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