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    Configuration: Giving Level

    In This Article:

      Giving Levels are used in conjunction with the Cumulative Giving Report.  Here you can define giving levels your organization uses to identify donors' giving levels and run reports for newsletters, annual reports and more.

      1. To configure Giving Levels, select Manage and then Configuration from the main menu.
      2. Select the Giving Level tab. The screen displays without the Giving Levels configured.
      3. Select the Add button.
      4. The Add Giving Levels window will appear. 
      5. Enter a Level Name, Minimum Amount and Maximum Amount for the Giving Level you wish to create.  Values minimum and maximum values MUST be entered for each new level.  If you enter one value, but leave the other blank the error message will appear.                                                                                                                             
      6. Once you have entered all information, select the Save button.
      7. Continue adding Giving Levels as necessary. Once all of your Giving Levels have been configured, be sure to select the Save button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.                                         
      8. You are now ready to run the Cumulative Giving Report.
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