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    Active Consent - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    In This Article:

      This section outlines the features included in Salsa CRM to support GDPR as it applies to collecting, recalling, and withdrawing active opt-in consent from supporters for the purpose of direct marketing. Please note that compliance with GDPR and similar legislation is extremely broad in scope. Salsa recommends consulting legal counsel for any and all questions pertaining to GDPR.

      Note that any changes to Active Consent must be made via Salsa Engage. There is no way to do add, remove, or amend consent fields in Salsa CRM. There is also no way to add, remove, or amend via an import in Salsa Engage or Salsa CRM. The Active Consent setting in the Manage > Configuration menu is read-only, controlled by Engage.

      Click here to see how Active Consent works in Salsa Engage.

      View Current Consent Status Using the Advanced Query Wizard

      Use the Advanced Query Wizard to locate the supporter or set of supporters whose consent status you would like to check before use. Filter out supporters whose consent status is “unknown” or “opt out” for the Postal Mail channel from any direct marketing mailings from which you want to exclude them.

      To view the current consent status in Salsa CRM...

      1. From the Main Menu, navigate to the Advanced Query Wizard.

      2. Create a new query and include the Active Consent fields.

      3. You may filter, sort, and perform all typical query operations.

      Click here for more information about the Advanced Query Wizard.

      Constituent Merge

      When you use Constituent Merge, you'll want to be careful about overwriting current GDPR information. Before merging, update all the statuses on the Source candidate with the information that you want to keep. On the popup that asks you what to merge, leave the Address, Email, and  Phone checkboxes checked--so their values overwrite the Target values.

      Click here for more information about Constituent Merge.

      Amend Consent

      Any request to amend consent records in the Salsa system must be submitted via the Salsa Engage Subscription Management form. Click here for information about Salsa Engage Subscription Management.

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