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    Document Editor: Create a New Form Letter Document from a Predesigned Template

    In This Article:

      For a list of pre-created donation or receipt letter templates, please see the article, Form Letter Templates and Best Practices.

      1. Download one of these templates to your hard drive. The general public does not have permission to edit the file.
      2. Select the Manage menu > Documents > Word Processor.
      3. When Google Docs loads, select the Other Word Processing Options button at the top of the screen.
      4. If the New Document gets saved automatically, you may be notified that there are changes to the document that are not saved to Salsa CRM. The document is blank anyway. Select Discard Unsaved Changes and Continue.
      5. Select Store a document of any file type (.html, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, etc.) that is on my hard drive from the Options drop-down menu.
      6. Use the Select File button.
      7. Locate and open the existing file on your hard drive or network.
      8. Select the Save to Database button.
      9. Label the file in Salsa CRM with a name that clearly indicates the nature of the document.
        NOTE: Document names are limited to 150 characters or less.

      To edit that file you uploaded, please see the article on editing an existing Salsa CRM Document.

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