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    FAQ: How Do I Retroactively Add Letters to Donations?

    In This Article:

      This article describes how to add a specific donation letter to a series of donations after the fact. For instance, you have imported donations into Salsa CRM, and those donations have not yet been acknowledged.

      NOTE: Receipts cannot be added in bulk to donations at this time.

      Use the Advanced Query Wizard to generate a query of those donations with no donation letter and apply the same letter to all those donations:

      1. From the main menu, choose Reports > Queries Advanced Query Wizard. The Advanced Query Wizard launches.
      2. Select the Create New Query option at the top of the Query Wizard window.
      3. From the Query Type frame to the left of the window, choose the Donation category of data.
      4. In the Purpose of this Query frame, choose General.
      5. Click Next. The 'Step 2: Select Query Criteria' window will open.
      6. Click Output at the bottom of the Available Fields frame. To add fields to the Filter Fields and Sort Fields frames, click Filter or Sort respectively, and then follow the rest of the steps below.
      7. These Output fields are required for this query (any others you think will be needed are optional):
        • Donation Donation ID
        • Letter Thank You Letter
        • Donation Letter Date
      8. These Filter fields are required for this query (any other filters you think will be needed to define which donations should be considered, for example Batch Name):
        • Letter Thank You Letter ID is blank
        • and Donation Letter Date is blank
      9. Click Next. The 'Step 3: Preview, Exclude, and Modify Data' window will open. As long as the filters were appropriate, this screen should contain all donations that need the donation letter.
      10. Click Next. The 'Step 4: Process Output' window will open.
      11. Click the Assign Donation Letter button on the left. The Assign Donation Letter window will open.Assign_Donation_Letter.png
      12. Assign the letter you want to attach to all the donations that returned as query results in screen Step 3. This screen will only show Donation Form Letters. Receipts are not supported.
      13. Click OK. A warning displays: 

        'By completing this task, you will change any donation letters that may already have bean set. However, any letters that have been individually modified will not be changed.'

        Click OK to proceed or Cancel or abort.

      14. A report of the number of records updated displays on the screen. Click OK to continue.
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