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    Long Running Processes

    In This Article:

      Long Running Process in the database (Tools > Long Running Processes) works behind the scenes to update data. Whenever something will take a long time, such as transferring constituents to a Group in Engage or formatting hundreds of summary letters, the data transfer proceeds through a Long Running Process. You won't have to wait for that process to finish before you can do something else in Salsa CRM.


      You don't need to set up long running processes; Salsa CRM will do that for you. To see processes that are currently running or have already completed...

      1. Click Tools > Long Running Processes.
      2. By default, you will see processes created today. Change the filters at the top of the screen to change the date range or types of processes you wish to return in the report.
      3. Click Refresh to regenerate the report.
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