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    Publish and Widgets

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      Recent software enhancements are in red.

      Publish Forms

      Once you've set up everything in your form to your liking, click one of the following buttons at the bottom of the window:

      • Save - Saves your content without advancing the form to the next step in the process.
      • Back: The Basics - Enables you to go back to The Basics window and make changes. Any changes that have not been saved in the Compose step will be lost.
      • Next: Autoresponders - The next step in the process. This enables you to set up Autoresponders. See Autoresponders for details.
      •  Cog icon - Delete or make your form private. Before you've published, this control enables you to delete the form. After you, this icon enables you to set your form back to private mode (in other words, you can un-publish your form).
      • Publish This Form ("Republish This Form") - When you select Publish This Form, the page will be rendered, a URL hotlink will be generated, and widgets will be created. You can also see the available date, which shows when the page was published and made available for use. Most importantly, the form WILL BECOME LIVE.

      Widgets for External Web Pages

      After you publish, Salsa Engage generates a URL and widget that enables you to link to your Activity form from any web page that you own.

      Note: You'll probably need admin level access to your website to use this widget code.

      Button Widget

      Use this widget to embed a button that links from your web page to your new form. To the right of the widget is a sample of what the button looks like. Beneath the button, you can click Configure Button. This will open a Button Settings window in which you can change the text, font, and colors of your button. Once you've made your changes, click Save Configuration ».

      Widget—Insert Event into Your Website

      If you already have your own website up and running, you can copy and paste the code to include the form itself on your website.

      If you'd like your embedded event to skip right to the registration form, paste the second set of code into your website instead.




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