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    Add CRM Constituents to Engage

    In This Article:

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      Salsa CRM should be considered the "warehouse" of all your supporter data. Engage supporters who take action on your forms or emails will, therefore, sync automatically to Salsa CRM. 

      Only constituents with an email address can be synced to Engage. Their email subscription status must  be either Unknown or Opt-in. Only the constituent's primary email address will sync to Engage. This means if the constituent record has more than one email, we send only the primary email address. Therefore, their primary email address should be their main point of contact.

      NOTE: Preferred Contact Method and Preferred Contact Reason are not used to determine which email syncs to Engage or defines their primary email status.

      When deleting an email contact for constituents synced to Engage, Salsa CRM ensures there is always a primary email address. 

      1. If there is more than one Email Address for this Constituent—We ask, "Are you sure? This is the primary email address for this Constituent and it is synced to Engage. To proceed, select an option below."
        • Keep this Email Address, but set it to Unsubscribed—Updates opt-in status to Unsubscribed in both CRM and Engage.
        • Delete this Email Address and select a new primary Email Address to sync to Engage—Deletes the selected Email Address, but allows user to select a new Primary Email Address from existing secondary addresses. The Subscription status is not changed.
        • Cancel—Stops the deletion.
      2. If there is only one Email Address for this Constituent—Because this is the only email address for this Constituent and it is synced to Engage, it cannot be deleted. Select Cancel below and add a new primary email address for this Constituent before deleting. Or, you can use the unsubscribe option to opt this email address out from future email communication.

      Best Practices Before Syncing to Engage

      Before you sync your data, you will want to make sure that your CRM records are not sharing the same email address.  This would cause confusion since you would see supporter records sharing the same email address. You will first need to identify any records that share the same email address.  You can then either merge the record if you have duplicates or delete the email address on file for the other record.  For the latter situation, this typically happens when you have spouses that shared an email address. Click here for information about how to deduplicate in Salsa CRM.

      CRM Constituents are only shared with Engage by "pushing" them in any of the following ways:

      • Sync an Individual Constituent manually
      • Sync an Individual Constituent manually by adding to a Synced Group
      • Sync Constituents automatically using a "Smart" Group

      Manually Sync an Individual Constituent Record

      1. Using the Constituent Search field at the top-left corner of the window, search for the constituent that you want to sync.
      2. Click the constituent's name in the list.
      3. Click the Edit menu.
      4. Click the Salsa Engage menu item to sync the record for the first time.
      5. Click Add Supporter to Salsa Engage to sync the constituent with a supporter record.
        You may also Update the Supporter, add them to an Engage Group or Email Blast, or Remove them from an Engage Group or Email Blast.

      Add Individual to a Synced Group

      1. Add a new CRM Group or edit an existing CRM Group and synchronize it with Engage.
      2. In the Constituent record, select the Groups node on the left.
      3. In the window marked Available Groups, select the group and either double-click it or use the single arrow button to direct the Group to the Selected Groups window.
      4. Save your work. As soon as you save this, the Constituent is synchronized to Engage immediately.

      Constituent Query Results Using a Smart Group

      Create a Smart Group by following the steps below:

      1. Navigate to the Advanced Query Wizard from the Reports menu, under Queries.
      2. Select to open an existing query and open the one called Constituents with emails (sync with Engage).

      3. Click the Next button to navigate to the Post Query Options Screen (step 4). You only need to make changes to the query if you do not wish to sync all supporters.
      4. To create our Smart Group, select the Global Update button.

      5. Then select the Create Smart Group button.
      6. Finally, we'll select to Create a New Smart Group. Provide a name and select to sync it with Engage.


      After following these steps, there will be some processing time while Salsa CRM creates your group and moves supporters to Engage. The time this takes will vary based on the number of records you have.

      Once this Smart Group is created, CRM will check once daily for new constituent records for whom you have an email address. If it finds any new records, it will add them to the group, which will sync them to Engage.


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