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      Syndication enables Salsa Engage publishers to send content to syndication subscribers with whom they've partnered. It also enables subscribers to receive and use that content. Syndicatable content includes all Engage Activities as well as Emails. For more information about Salsa Engage syndicated subscribers, see Syndication - Subscribers.

      Note: Only Salsa Engage Publishers will see the features documented in this section. Talk with your Salsa representative if you are interested in becoming a Salsa Publisher.

      How It Works

      1. You receive a syndication key (via email or IM) for the Salsa Engage account of a subscriber and activate the partnership.
      2. You create Activity or Message content that you want to syndicate.
      3. On the last step of content creation or editing for any Activity or Message that supports syndication, you'll be given a syndication option. You select who has access to the content, and syndicate to those organizations. Whenever you change syndicated content, the subscribers content is updated (or removed if you delete content).  
      4. Content that you have syndicated shows up in the Assets > Templates I've Syndicated tab, which features the content type and name, the recipient to whom it was syndicated, and when the content was last syndicated. You are also given the option to remove syndicated content.

      Partner With a Subscriber

      Before you can syndicate content, you must partner with a subscriber. This process is initiated by the subscriber, who generates a syndication key and sends it to you (via email or IM). 

      1. Once you have received a syndication key from a subscriber, copy it to your computer's clipboard.
      2. Click the Settings icon 2017-03-27_1507.png to the top, right of the Salsa Engage window.
      3. On the Set Org Details tab, click the Switch to... button, and then select Content Syndication. The Syndication Options controls will appear.
      4. Click the Accounts I can Syndicate to tab.
      5. Paste the syndication key into the Enter a New Syndication Key field. The Add Account button will become active.
      6. Click the Add Account button. If you have entered a valid key, the account will appear in the table. The table contains Connected and Cancelled accounts.

      Syndicate New or Existing Content

      1. Create or Edit an Activity or Message that supports syndication. The last step in the process is Syndication.
      2. On the Syndication tab, add Usage Notes about how subscribers should use the content as well as information about which fields the subscriber should update with her own information.
      3. Select who has access to the content. If you don't want to syndicate the content at this time, select Not syndicated. Otherwise, select All organizations or Specific organizations that I choose manually. When selected, the Specific organizations... option open controls that enable you to choose to whom to send the syndicated content. Click the slider so that it is blue for any organization to which you want to syndicate the content. Any organization for which the slider is gray will not receive the updated content; if you have previously syndicated the content, the organization's access to the content will be revoked when you update access to the content.
      4. When you are done choosing which organizations should get new content, click the Syndicate button at the bottom-right of the Salsa Engage window; if you are re-syndicating existing content, you'll click the Update Access button.

      Revoke Access to Content

      1. Open the Activity or Message for which you want to revoke access.
      2. Select the Syndication tab.
      3. Scroll down to Who has access to this content, and click Specific organizations that I choose manually. A table will appear featuring a list of organizations that have the content.
      4. Click the checkbox to the left of the organizations from which you want to revoke access to content.
      5. Click the Actions pulldown control and then, from the drop-down menu that appears, click Revoke Access.
      6. Click the Update Access button at the bottom-right of the Salsa Engage window.

      Cancel a Subscriber Account

      When your relationship with a subscriber has ended, you can cancel the account so that it is no longer active. This is important when you use the Syndicate to All option to syndicate content.

      1. Click the Settings icon 2017-03-27_1507.png to the top-right of the Salsa Engage window.
      2. On the Set Org Details tab, click the Switch to... button, and then select Content Syndication. Syndication Options controls will appear.
      3. Click the Accounts I can Syndicate to tab, and scroll down to the table.
      4.  If you have many accounts, click the All pull-down control and select Connected to show only active accounts.
      5. Click the checkbox to the left of the account(s) that you want to cancel.
      6. Click the Actions pull-down control, and then click Cancel Syndication. (Note: The number in parentheses indicates how many accounts you have selected.)

      What's Sent With Syndicated Content and What Isn't

      Since some content, such as URLs, need to be specific to the organization that will send content to supporters, some content is not sent with syndicated Activities and Messages. This section details what is sent and what isn't. The upshot of this information is that your subscriber organizations will have to fill in some of the blanks if you send them Activities or Messages that contain certain types of content.


      All images are copied into the instance of the target organization and are available for use in the syndicated content as well as in content created by the organization.

      Merge Fields

      Will Transfer

      • Standard Salsa Engage Supporter Fields - These will carry over as merge fields. Standard supporter fields will be available in all recipient accounts. For example, "First Name" would come over as a merge field.
      • Fundraising Merge Fields - Same as above.
      • Organization Merge Fields - Same as above.

      Will Be Replaced With Placeholder Text

      • Custom Fields - Custom merge fields will NOT transfer upon syndication. Instead, they will be replaced with placeholder text: "<Custom Merge Field Named ABC>".


      All links within the content are copied as is (pointing to whatever source was originally included). Any links to Salsa Engage forms will keep only the anchor text and be noted as a link. The original link will not be transferred, and the subscribing organization will have to provide a link to their own content.

      Mailing Fields

      • The From Name, From Email, and Reply To fields will blanked out and take on the default for the recipient org when used.
      • All other content will carry over as-is.

      Email Series

      You can syndicate an email series as-is, but the trigger logic will not transfer. For example, "all new subscribers signing X form" will include the internal logic, such as "stop sending the series if the supporter donates", but it will not contain the trigger logic since that would depend on a specific form.

      Activity Forms

      • All Forms - Autoresponders will syndicate to the recipient organization for use on the form if any customized versions were created. Otherwise, the default of the recipient organization will be used.
      • Fundraising Forms - Fund, Merchant Account, and other financial information for donation forms will NOT be sent.
      • Targeted Actions - Non-Customer Targets and Messages will transfer.


      • Tickets and optional purchases will transfer to the syndicated version.
      • P2P pages created by supporters will not transfer.


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