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    Settings: Payment Gateway

    In This Article:

      Payment gateways enable you to receive credit card and eCheck donations from supporters. The values that you set up here affect the Payment Block element in the Visual Editor; this is the element that you use to add accepted payment types to forms.

      Currently supported payment gateways:

      • Salsa Merchant Services
      • WePay

      If you want to change the Payment Gateway for an already published form, unpublish the form before you change the Payment Gateway, and then re-publish the form after you have made your changes to the Payment Gateway.

      1. Navigate to the Payment Gateway page. The Set Org Details tab will be in focus.
      2. Click Create My Gateway, or click an existing Payment Gateway from the table at the bottom of the page. (The rest of these instructions assume that you are creating a new Payment Gateway.)
      3. Enter a Gateway Nickname. This field is for your use only.
      4. Add a description to enable you to easily understand why you set up this gateway. This field is for your use only.
      5. Enter your Merchant ID. This is the ID that you received from your payment processor when you signed up. If you do not know this number, contact your payment processor to find out what it is.
      6. If you want to enable supporters to use eChecks when they make donations, set Allow eCheck to Yes. If you enable this feature, your forms will be able to support eCheck donations.
      7. Enter a user-friendly phrase for Doing Business As. This is what will appear on your supporters' credit card or bank statements.
      8. Click the credit cards that you will accept. Only selected cards will appear on your donation forms. Selected cards are shown here in color. Cards that will not be accepted are shown here in black and white. Visa is selected (in color) by default. You must choose at least one card type.
      9. Once you've set up your payment gateway(s), you'll be able to choose a payment gateway on the Compose tab of Salsa Engage Activities for which payment will be collected from supporters.
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