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      Click to Call actions enable Salsa Engage campaign managers to connect grassroots supporters to their specific legislators via telephone, while providing them with scripts and talking points relevant to their organization’s agenda, and to record data to identify and interact with their most passionate supporters. 

      You can configure a Click to Call action to target the right people with the right messaging. You can...

      • Support multiple target sets with specific messaging for each, for example, separate call campaigns to congressmen in the same chamber of Congress depending on how they vote on a particular issue.
      • Enable supporters to easily share the action, using the built-in social promotion tools, encouraging their friends and family to participate.
      • Combined Click To Call actions with other channels as a fallback (for example, email and Twitter) in case a line is busy or a voicemail box is full.

      Each supporter action costs $0.15. Salsa bills you monthly only when there is activity and for only the total completed supporter actions. Each activity can have a budget cap so you can budget costs for each activity and cap spending at up to $9,999,999.

      If you haven't yet set up at least one Click to Call Caller ID, you'll have to do that first. Click here for directions covering setting up a Click To Call Caller ID.

      Who You Can Call

      • Federal Targets - Connect supporters to the DC offices of their Federal Senators and House Representatives, based on supporter ZIP Code. Skip the switchboard and dial their direct DC office line.
      • State Targets - Connect supporters to their state legislators directly, based on their ZIP Code and street address.
      • Local Targets - Fine-tuned targeting to the legislators in a particular city or municipality.

      Supporter Experience

      1. Enter Information - Supporters enter their Name, Phone Number, and Address information. The supporter data is captured at this point, so campaign managers can follow up even if the supporter does not complete the action.
      2. Targets and Call Script - Supporters will see a listing of their legislators and the call script of talking points to use on the calls. When they’re ready, the supporter clicks Connect Me Now to begin calling.
      3. Calling - The system will call the supporter at their phone number and play the recorded introduction. When the supporter presses 1, the system will then play the Target Set Introduction (if you have configured one) and call the first legislator in the target set.
      4. Call Complete - The system logs the result of the call: human answer, busy, or failed (wrong number). The supporter presses 1 on their phone to move to the next target.  A supporter can skip a call by pressing * to move on to the next one.
      5. All Calls Complete - At the end of the series, the supporter will hear the Thank You recording, thanking them for participating in the action or any message the campaign manager created. When all of the calls are completed, the supporter’s browser will move them to the next communication channel in the targeted action (email or Twitter) if there is one.

      Create a Click To Call Activity

      1. Create or open a Target Action: Activities > Targeted Actions > Start an Activity > Targeted Action. (See the Targeted Actions help topic for details.)
      2. On The Basics tab, find Will this targeted action include Click To Call?, and click Yes. Note, if you do not see a Click To Call option, contact Salsa to see about adding Click to Call to your account.
      3. Click the Next: Click To Call button to the bottom-right of the window. The screen will advance to the Click To Call page.
      4. Select a Caller ID number for this targeted action. This is the number that you or your Salsa Engage administrator set up. Click here for details.
      5. Enter a Budget Amount to cap spending for this activity.
      6. In the Send alerts to these email address field, enter the email to which alerts will be sent as your budget is spent, and then click Add.
      7. Choose a Fallback Message option:
        • Only display a Fallback Message is there are no other channels for this action - Your fallback message will appear only if there are no other channels for the action.
        • Always display a Fallback Message - Your fallback message will appear when you've run out of budget and Click To Call is no longer an option.
      8. General Introduction: Set up the message your supporters will hear when they receive a call-back (after they click the Connect Me Now button on the Target Action form):
        • No specific message - In this case, your supporter will be prompted by the system to initiate calls to legislators.
        • Record Audio - This option enables you to add your own message by phone so that you can give supporters additional information.
        • Enter Text to be Dictated - This option enables you to add text that will then be read to your supporter by a pre-programmed voice. Voice gender options of Male and Female are available. Correct grammar and punctuation are essential. 
      9. Choose an All Calls Completed option. The options here are just like the options for the previous step.
      10. Click Next: Targets and Messages to continue creating your Targeted Action. (See the Targeted Actions help topic for details.)

      Checking Target Numbers

      If you wish to review the targets' numbers to which Click to Call would connect your supporters, use a Legislator Lookup page. Spot-check your targets' phone numbers using in-district addresses.

      Please let Salsa Support know if any numbers are incorrect, so we can work with our data supplier to ensure the correct information.


      Campaign managers will see comprehensive results of their Click to Call action’s performance over time, including the following: The number of supporters who made calls, the total number of calls made, the average call duration, a breakdown of the results of each call (e.g. human answer or busy), and more. Click here for more info about analytics.

      In addition to the results dashboard metrics, all of the specific details of the action can be exported as CSV files, by supporter, and by target.

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