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    Audience - Create a Custom Audience

    In This Article:

      The Audience tab enables you to push supporters in Salsa Engage to Facebook as a Custom Audience for ad targeting.

      1. Ensure that the Facebook account that you want to use to connect to custom Audiences is connected to Salsa Engage.  If not, link your Facebook account to Engage.
      2. Click the Social tab > Audience.
      3. Click +Create an Audience.
      4. On the Setup tab, enter a Reference Name for the audience, what it should be called on Facebook, and a description.
      5. Select the Facebook account that you want to use. Only Facebook accounts that you have added for custom audiences will appear. If you need to connect or reauthorize your Facebook account for Salsa Engage, click here for directions.
      6. Click Next: Audience Rules ». The Audience Criteria page will open.
      7. Select how your audience will be populated:
        • Group button - Use this control to select a group from one of the custom groups that you have already created. Click here for help with custom groups. 
        • Query button - Create a new group using a query. Click here for more information about creating queries.
          Note: If you switch between Groups and Query, you will lose any groups that you had selected. 
      8. Determine how to handle synchronized supporters:
        • Keep the Supporters in the Custom Audience and Append New Supporters - Add the people I define here to a Custom Audience in facebook, and keep the existing people in it as well.
        • Replace the Supporters in the Custom Audience with the Supporters Above - Replace the people in the Custom Audience in Facebook with the people I define here.
      9. Click Next: Run Sync Now! If successful, you'll be notified that your supporters have been pushed to Facebook, and focus will be given to the Results tab.

      Note: If your supporters change in Salsa Engage and you want the custom audience to either be "appended" or "replaced", click Rerun Synchronization on the Results page for your audience.

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