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    Configuration: Roles

    In This Article:

      Access and Security can be clearly defined and different for every user or it can be simpler by allowing broader access depending on the needs of your organization. In order to access the Role Management menu item and Role screens, Users must have the Role permission.

      Salsa CRM incorporates a sophisticated, job-based Access Control security system which enables the System Administrator to define access rights for job functions and then assign individuals to these functions or Roles. The first step in setting up the security is to define the functional Roles.  The second step is to add a constituent and assigning their appropriate Role(s). Salsa CRM comes with default Roles defined and permissions assigned, however the System Administrator may change them to fulfill the needs of your Organization.

      The only Role that cannot be modified or deleted is the Salsa Labs Admin Role. That Role will always exist, even if other User Roles are deleted from the system. That Role is assigned to the Admin user, so there will always be a login available to get in the system. Contact Salsa Support if you don't know your Admin password.

      Role permission is assigned at two levels: Task-Related Permissions and Data-Related Permissions. Each Role is assigned one or more permissions depending on the capabilities you wish to assign to each function.

      Task-Related Permissions

      Permission Description
       Activity Enables access to the Activities node of the constituent record.

      All Permissions

      This is the “super user” permission.  Anyone given this permission can do anything in Salsa CRM.  The “admin” user has this role.  Typically, you would not want to give this to anyone but the 'admin' user.

      All-Employee Access

      Gives access to all employees even if the user is not their direct supervisor.  Otherwise, the user must be their direct supervisor to review the record.  This permission would typically be given to an HR director.

      All-Level Access

      Gives access to all constituents, regardless of “Access Level”.  This covers the situation where your most senior employee might have a Security Level of “99”, which is the maximum.  Since no user could have a “100”, the “All Access Level” permission is required.  This permission would typically be given to an HR director.

      All-Volunteer Access

      Same as All-Employee, but applies to volunteers.

      Auction Accept Payment

      Applies only to the Auction module, and controls who may update payment information on auction sales.

      Auction Assign Winner

      Applies only to the Auction module, and controls who may assign the winner of a specific item.

      Constituent Import/Export Contacts

      Enables the “Contacts” button at the bottom of the Constituent screen.

      Constituent Merge

      Enables the "Merge" button at the bottom of the Constituent screen, and the "Constituent Merge Utility" menu item under Tools.

      Data Sync Resolution

      Enables access to the Advanced Import Resolution Queue.


      Gives access to all aspects of Cultivation, including configuring Processes and defining Phases.

      Donation Reversal

      Controls access specifically to the “Reverse...” button in the center-left of the Donation screen.

      Employee Access

      Gives access to the Employee node of the HR module, and only works if you are the direct supervisor of the constituent.  The difference is that you can only see your own employee(s), not the employee(s) of another manager.


      This was an early role that was to control a specific Export feature.  Since Advanced Queries, and all screens that have tables, allow exporting by right mouse clicking, this feature was not implemented.

      HR Org Chart

      Applies only to HR, and allows access to the Org Chart screen.

      Constituent Sensitive

      Controls access to the sensitive fields in the second column of the main Constituent screen - SSN, Birth Date, Deceased Date, Race, and Religion.

      Image Scanning

      Required if you want someone to use Salsa CRM's built-in image scanning screen found by going to Manage > Documents > Image Scanning.


      Required to access the File > Data Sync then the Import screen.

      Label Printing

      Required to access Manage > Documents > Label Printing screen.

      National Change of Address (NCOA)

      Enables the NCOA menu item under Tools on the main menu.

      Refresh System Tasks

      The Refresh System Tasks button immediately checks for any outstanding tasks, and creates them if necessary.

      Role Assignment

      Gives access to the Manage > Roles screen.


      Without this permission, if a user tries to access their own record, they will see a message that they are not allowed to access their own record.  Some organizations do not want users updating their own information.

      View Finance Reports

      Controls access to the Manage > Finances > Summary Report screen.

      View Pledge Drive

      Controls access to the Manage > Finances > Pledge Report screen.

      Volunteer Access

      Same as Employee access, but applies to Volunteers.

      Wealth Lookup

      Allows access to the optional Wealth Screening Module.

      Word Processing

      Controls access to the Manage > Documents > Word Processor screen.


      Data Related Permissions

      Define what areas of Salsa CRM your organization's users are allowed to access and if they are able to add, delete, edit or view the corresponding information.

      NOTE: All HR, Inventory, Patient Services, and Event Management Permissions are specific to those optional, free modules, which you can add-on to core Salsa CRM.

      Advanced Import

       Allows access to the optional Advance Import Module

      Another's Tasks

       Allows access to view other Salsa CRM users' task through the Tools > Tasks > Another's Tasks option on the main menu


       Allows access to the appeal under Manage> Finances > Appeals

      Auction Config

       Allows access to the Auction Configuration screen


       Allows access to the Batches under the Manage > Batches screen


       Allows access to the Campaign under Manage > Finances > Appeals


       Allows access to configure City File in the Configuration Screen


       Allows access to the Configurations screen


       Allows access to constituent records

      Constituent Address

      Allows access to a constituents address information

      Constituent Document

       Allows access to the constituent’s documents node

      Constituent Email

       Allows access to a constituents email information

      Constituent Group

       Allows access to group node of a constituent’s record

      Constituent Notes

       Allows access to the Constituent Notes node on the constituent record

      Constituent Phone

       Allows access to a constituents phone information

      Constituent Photo

       Allows access to a constituent’s photo node.

      Constituent Relation

       Allows access to a constituent’s relationship node

      Constituent Social

       Allows access to a constituent’s social networking information

      Constituent URL

       Allows access to a constituent’s url information

      Credit Card

       Allows access to Credit Card tab in a Constituent’s Donation Section

      Cultivation Configuration

       Allows access to the cultivation configuration screen

      Data Sync Map

       Allows access to Data Sync


       Allows access to Documents section under Manage Menu


       Allows access to Donation on a constituent’s record and using the Donation tab

      Donation Notes

       Allows access to Donation Notes when entering a donation on the Donation screen

      Donor Notes

       Allows entry of notes on the donation record

      Event Management Configuration

       Allows access to Events configuration, if you have the purchased the Events module

      Event Management

       If you have purchased the Events Module, this allows access to the event module

      Form Configuration

       Allows access to form configuration

      Form Letter

       Allows you access to add, edit, or delete a form letter in the Configuration Screen

      Form Template

       Allows access to the form manager, where you can create, copy and convert forms within Salsa CRM


       Allows access to the forms on a constituent’s record


        Allows access to the funds section under Manage > Finances


       Allows ability to add people to a mailing history folder when performing a mail merge using in Salsa CRM

      Mailing History

       Allows access to Mailing History under the Manage > Documents screen

      Match Policy

       Allows access to the Match Policy of those constituents setup with a Match Policy on their Donations Node

      Matching Donation Notes

      Allows access to the matching donation policy notes of a matching donation policy

      My Salsa CRM

       Allows access to My Salsa CRM page on a constituent's record

      My Notes

       Allows access to the Notes section of a user's own dashboard within Salsa CRM.

      My Tasks

       Allows access to the Tasks section of a user's own dashboard within Salsa CRM.


       Allows access to the Advanced Query Wizard


       Allows access to Roles section under the Manage option on the main menu. This is typically restricted to one or two people within your organization.

      Schedule Config

       Allows access to Schedule Configuration found on the main menu under Tools > Schedule

      Schedule Coordinator

       Allows user to setup schedules within Salsa CRM

      Schedule Management

       Allows user to manage schedules on the constituent record Schedule node

      Service Configuration

       Allows user to configure the Service node on the constituent record

      Service Log

       Allows user access to the Service Log Entries panel on the Service node of the constituent record

      Service Request

       Allows user access to the Service Requests panel on the Service node of the constituent record


      Works in conjunction with the Constituent permissions above and allows ability to add, delete, edit or view Salsa CRM User constituent records.

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