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    Rapid Donation Entry

    In This Article:

      This document describes the Rapid Donation Entry feature of Salsa CRM. Let's say you want your donation data entry staff person to enter all donations that were delivered to your mailbox on July 15, 2018, in response to your Annual Giving Letter. You can configure this page to use the same value for all the fields that are exactly the same from donation to donation, thereby making your data entry quicker and more efficient.

      So with this example, you'd set the default Received Date to July 15 and your Fund/Campaign/Appeal values to coincide with your Annual Giving Letter Appeal values. Donors could have submitted different combinations of cash and checks, so configuring the same payment type would not be recommended, but adding the Payment Type field to the manually entered data series would be recommended.

      For this functionality to be available to a Salsa CRM User, assign the Task-related Permission of Rapid Donation Entry to the user role responsible for donation data entry.

      PRO TIP: Salsa CRM remembers some fields, such as 'Check Date', 'Received Date', and 'Amount' from the previous row during data entry. Increase data-entry speed and efficiency by pre-sorting your donation documents to take advantage of this memory feature.

      Configure the conditions of the Rapid Entry screen:

      1. Click the Manage > Finances > Rapid Entry menu.
      2. At the top of the page, there may be several Configuration options already active by default, such as the Fund field or Received Date for your donation data entry. Click the Configure button to set up other common fields or data-entry fields. Required fields that need to be filled in for every donation before the donation can be saved are listed here:
        • Batch Name
        • Donor (primary donor only - co-donors and soft credit are not supported at this time)
        • Received Date
        • Donation Amount
        • Fund Name
        • Payment Type (and all corresponding fields depending on which Payment Type, like Check Number and Check Date).
          NOTE: you will not be able to save donations that do not contain required data. If, for example, you will be entering checks, you must select Check Number and Check Date, which are required fields for the Payment Type of Check.

          NOTE: Not all donation fields are viewable in the Rapid Donation Entry screen. To add information not seen here (e.g. Memorials, Honors, etc.,) click the “View” button after you Save.

      3. In the Donor field, type the Donor's name (in the format firstname lastname or lastname, firstname), and then press Enter to find the constituent that already exists in your database. If the constituent is new or never entered before, you will be able to add them as a new constituent. Alternately, click the Donor button to search for the existing Donor in your database. Note that “Donor Details” will auto-populate so that user can compare the address in Salsa CRM with current donation data. The same search rules that are available throughout Salsa CRM work on that Constituent Search window. Users can optionally click on the donor's name to view/edit the donor’s Constituent Record.
      4. Press the Tab button on your keyboard to advance through the fields to the next entry or use your mouse to select the next field. 
      5. Once you have completed a row, click Save. The Donation is immediately added to the database, and the next row for data-entry is available.

        NOTE: Once you have clicked the Save button, changes cannot be made in this row. To make any edits to the donation, click View to make changes directly on the donation screen.
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