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    Enter an Honor/Memorial Donation

    In This Article:

      Salsa CRM allows you to enter and track donations made in honor of or in memory of someone.  Prior to entering a memorial gift you will want to make sure the person being memorialized is entered as a constituent in Salsa CRM, if they are entered be sure to add in their deceased date.  If they are not entered, enter them along with a deceased date.  Adding the deceased date will cause their name to display in purple italics making it easy to distinguish living constituents from those who have passed.

        1. Follow steps in the Entering a Donation article.
        2. After you have entered the donor(s), you will want to select the Memorial or Honor button. 
        3. The Constituent Search dialog box opens.  Search for the person being honored or memorialized as you would a donor. Double click on the desired constituent.  Depending on your selection, their name is now populated in the area next to the Memorial or Honor button.
        4. Continue adding the donation information as usual.  If the donation is in honor of someone, you will want to type a description in the Honor Reason field as to why the gift was made.  (i.e. college graduation)  You will want to phrase it in a way that will work within a letter should you choose to use this field in a merge.  For example, the letter might read as follows: Thank you for the donation made in honor of Bill’s college graduation. The Honor Reason field could simply say “Bill’s college graduation.”
        5. Finish entering the gift as usual.
        6. The Acknowledge checkbox will prompt the Acknowledgment Wizard to include these letters the next time you run the Acknowledgment Wizard. If you do not wish to send an acknowledgment letter, simply uncheck this box. Please refer to the Reports section for more information on the Acknowledgment Wizard.

      NOTE: If someone is to be sent notification that a gift has been received in honor or memory of a loved one, you will want to set a relationship of Acknowledgment Recipient on their record. This relationship will need to be made from the Honoree’s record or the Deceased’s record. 


      For example, if Mr. Bill and Mrs. Sally Donaldson are husband and wife and Sally passed away, you would want to go to her record, select the Relations node and Bill Donaldson as the Acknowledgment Recipient for Sally.  The legend at the bottom of the relationship screen would read:  Mr. Bill Donaldson is the Acknowledgment Recipient of Sally Donaldson.  This will ensure that letters are generated for the right people when using the Acknowledgment Wizard.

      NOTE: Change the existing relationship between spouses. The deceased spouse should now be listed as a Deceased Spouse relation type on the surviving spouse's constituent record. Salsa CRM does not, by default, recognize that relationship as a valid spousal relationship.

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