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    Add, Edit, and Delete Images

    In This Article:

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      In this section, we will cover how to add, edit, and delete images in Salsa Engage. We will also address templates and image assets shared by other organizations. You can add images while creating Activity forms or emails, and you can also add the images ahead of time for later use by yourself or other campaign managers.

      Click here to check out best practices for using images in Salsa Engage.

      To get started, click the Assets control on the side navigation to the left of the Engage window.


      Supported File Types

      You’ll be able to add and edit images in any of the following file types:

      • .jpeg
      • .gif
      • .png

      Add or Delete an Asset

      Before you add an asset to Salsa Engage, you must have the asset on your computer.

      The first time you log in, since you may not yet have assets in your library, you may only see a large field that says Click here (yes, here!) to upload a file from your computer. Whether or not you've added assets, you can click the + Add an Asset button, to the top-right of the Assets window, to bring up the Click here... field.

      1. Click the + Add Asset button.
      2. Click Click here (yes, here!) to upload a file from your computer. Your computer's file browsing window will open.
      3. Find the asset that you want to load into Salsa Engage, and then click Open. The image will be added to Salsa Engage. You'll be able to find all of your assets in three ways:
        • Choose the Thumbnail View thumbnailview.JPG to see as many asset thumbnails as possible on a single screen.
        • Choose the List View listview.png to see assets thumbnails, file name, source, and upload date.
        • In the search bar in the upper-right corner of the window, type in any part of the file name that you want to find, and then press Enter.

      NOTE: All asset images must be less than 10MB in size. An informative error message displays when assets larger than 10MB are uploaded.

      Delete an Image in the Thumbnail View: Hover over the image. The trashcan icon appears in the top-right corner of the image. Click the trashcan icon. The image will be deleted from Salsa Engage.

      Delete Multiple Images in the Thumbnail View: Hover over the image that you want to select. A select checkbox appears. Click the select checkbox. Repeat for any additional images that you want to delete. Click the trashcan icon next to the Select all button above the thumbnails.

      Edit, Delete, Rename, and Describe Assets

      To edit an asset, hover over the image you want to edit. The Edit This button will appear. Click the Edit This button. The Edit Asset Details dialog box will open. It features controls to edit, delete, rename, and describe the image.


      If you update the Reference Name or Reference Description, click the Update » button, at the bottom-right corner of the window, to save your changes.

      Edit Tools 

      NOTE: The Adobe Creative Image Editor, which powered the image editor in Salsa Engage, was recently discontinued by Adobe. That feature suite has been replaced with the edit functions Salsa Engage customers used most often.

      1. Click the Edit Image button in the Edit Assets Details dialog box. Basic photo editing tools will open.
      2. Make all of the changes that you want, and then click Save. A copy of your file, with edits, will be saved on the Images tab.
      • Size lets you determine the pixel height and width of the image.
      • Orientation lets you rotate and flip images to create a mirror image horizontally or vertically.
      • Crop lets you choose custom width & height ratios as well as being a traditional cropping tool.

      Template Images

      This tab displays images that are contained in the templates that you have cloned. For example, if you cloned a Fundraising Activity that contained a photo, that photo will appear here. If you delete an image from this tab, it will also be deleted from the template in which it appears. For more information about templates, click here.

      Template Library

      This tab contains pre-designed activities and email templates that have been shared with you by other organizations. You can clone content from here into your Activities and Emails lists, where it will appear alongside content that you have created. For example, if you clone a Fundraising Activity template, it will appear in your list of Activities on the Fundraising tab. You can then modify and use that template as you wish. Note, if you do not clone a template, it may be overwritten or deleted at any time by the organization who shared it. For more information about templates, click here.

      Select multiple items and click Clone Selected to copy them all to your Engage account at once. Click Use Now to copy a single item and jump right into the workflow.

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