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    Configuration: Form Letters & Receipts

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      Once you have created the appropriate letter or receipt in the word processor, it is time to identify it as a Form Letter or Receipt. That is to ‘attach’ this letter to a specific screen within Salsa CRM, such as the donation screen so that it appears as a choice on the letter dropdown field.

      Remember: There is no limit to the number of Form Letters you can create in Salsa CRM.

      1. From the main menu, select Manage and then Configuration.
      2. The Configuration window will be displayed.  Select Form Letters & Receipts from the Explorer. The right panel will change to display the Form Letters List Configuration.
      3. Select the Add Form Letter to Screen button. You can also Edit or Delete Form Letters.  The edit option is for editing the various options of the form letter. For example, if you want to change the name as it appears on the Letter dropdown field in the donation record.

        WARNING: When you delete a letter from Salsa CRM that is attached to any record in the database, all history of that letter will be erased from the corresponding files.

        NOTE:  Using the Edit button, does not allow you to edit the content of the document.  To edit the text of the document, open the file on your computer, edit it, and upload it to Salsa CRM. 

        PRO TIP: If a letter is outdated and you need to remove it from the dropdown list, return to the Form Letter Configuration screen, highlight the letter, and select the Edit Form Letter/Screen Link button.
      1. Type a Name for the Form Letter, and press the Tab key. This Name is the name that displays on the dropdown list on the selected screen (see the next step).
      2. Select the Type of Form Letter. The Type (Donation, Acknowledgment, Solicitation, Event, General, Receipt, Shipment, or Membership) indicates to Salsa CRM on which screen to display this Form Letter.

        NOTE: Receipt Form Letters appear in the Receipt drop-down field on the Donation screen.

        NOTE: All six of the Form Letter types display on the last panel of the Donation Statistics Wizard. To access this page, start on the main menu by selecting Reports, Queries and then Donation Statistics Wizard.  Once you have made it to the end of the wizard, select Preview and then Print Letters.  Additionally, the Donation Form Letter types display on the Donation data entry screen, and the Acknowledgment types display in the last Acknowledgment Wizard panel (Reports, Queries, Acknowledgment Wizard) when you select Preview and then Print Letters.
      1. When you select a Type of Receipt, you will have the option to select if the receipt is Tax Deductible or Non-Tax Deductible.  Designating a Receipt as Tax Deductible or Non-Tax Deductible will indicate to Salsa CRM from which corresponding numeric range on the Receipts tab to pull the Receipt number. If you choose something other than Receipt, this option will be inactive.

      For more information, please see the article on Receipt Configuration

      1. If you have selected a Form Letter Type of Donation or Receipt, you will be able to choose whether this document is to be a Summary Letter or Summary Receipt. If you choose a type other than Donation or Receipt, the Summary Letter option will remain inactive.

      Please see the Word Processor section for more information on creating Summary Letters and Summary Receipts.

      1. By default, when you add a new form letter, the Display on Dropdown option is selected. When checked, this checkbox ensures the letter will appear in the drop-down list on the selected ‘Type’ screen.

        NOTE: If you no longer want a certain letter to appear in the drop-down list, you will want to edit the form letter configuration and deselect the Display on Dropdown checkbox. When that is unchecked, the letter name will only display on donations that originally had that letter selected when it was still displayed. That letter will not be available on new donations or when using the Save and New button.
      2. The Delivery Method dropdown allows you to choose if a document is to be sent via regular mail (Mail) or Email (an E-Thank You).
      3. Press Select Document and the Document Search screen will be displayed.
      4. Select the appropriate Document Type.
      5. Place your cursor in the Description field and type the Name of the document you stored in the Word Processor or use any of the other filters as necessary. Select Search.

      NOTE:  If you don’t know the exact name of the document, you may use the wildcard search to look for a document. As wildcards are supported, but not assumed, to find all documents that have a name beginning with the letter T type T*.

      1. Highlight the desired document and press Enter, or double-click the name of the document. The name of the document will now appear on the Add Form Letter to Screen pop-up window.
      2. Press Save. Your document is now a Form Letter and is displayed in the list of Form Letters.
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