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    Add Recurring Batches

    In This Article:

      Salsa CRM allows you to create Recurring Batches. These batches allow you to quickly process "groups" of donations such as Payroll Deductions, United Way payments, etc. that are typically paid using one payment method - i.e. United Way checks that include payments from multiple donors.

      NOTE: Before creating a Recurring Batch, you will need to create a Recurring Batch Template.

      1. Once you have selected the appropriate Recurring Batch Template, select the Recurring Batch node at the bottom of the Batch Explorer.
      2. The related batches are displayed.  Highlight the Recurring Template you wish to copy and select the Copy Template Batch button. The Copy Batch window opens.
      3. On the Copy Batch window, you will want to enter a Name, Description, Received Date and Payment Type details for this batch. Remember, this Recurring Batch is meant to allow you to easily enter payment for a group of donations which are being paid with one payment type - i.e. a United Way check. This Payment Type will be applied to every donation in this batch. NOTE: When entering payment on a Recurring Batch, the Pledge and Credit Card options are greyed out.  If you select either of these options, the Unsupported Option window will appear. The possibility exists that not every donor in this batch will be included in the recurring batch each time you need to create one.  For example, someone may choose payroll deductions every other month or someone may select United Way every three months.  If this occurs, you can choose to exclude certain donors and/or edit the donation amounts on this window.  Simply highlight the record you wish to edit, select the amount field and enter the amount you wish to apply to this payment. NOTE:  Editing the donation amount on this screen does not affect the original donation made. If an amount has ** after it, this indicates that the gift was entered as a Split Fund gift, therefore it cannot be edited.
      4. If you have edited the amount incorrectly, simply select the Reload button. 
      5. When you have finished, select the Save button. All of these donations are now in your database as having been paid with a single payment type.
      6. Repeat this process each time you need make payment(s) on a Recurring Batch. 
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