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    Review and Process Donations Using Web Donation Queue

    In This Article:

      After your online donation page has been configured, you will be able to see online transactions in your web donation queue in Salsa CRM. To access the web donation queue select Manage > Finances > Web Donations from the main Salsa CRM menu.

      Unprocessed Donations

      The Unprocessed screen will appear. The term Unprocessed in Salsa CRM refers to transactions in this queue have not yet been added as donations to Salsa CRM. These transactions have been processed through the credit card processor and charged to your donors.

      NOTE: If you run a donation report, any unprocessed donations in your web donation queue will NOT appear in your report. It is good practice to check this queue on a regular basis, so that your reports are as up-to-date as possible. 

      The Donor Completion Status column indicates the status of the donation. (Note: Incomplete and problematic donations will appear only if you have selected the Include Incomplete and Include Errors check boxes):

      • Donation Finalized Successfully: Donation was successful and was charged.
      • Donor Presented with Blank Demographic Page: A visitor to your site viewed the donation page but did not donate.
      • Donor Completed Demographics: A visitor to your site filled in your online donation form but did not finalize the transaction by submitting the donation.
      • Donation Finalized with Errors: Errors occurred in the donation process. If you do not see another listing from this same donor, you may want to consider reaching out to them.
      • Fraud Check Failed: If a donation meets a threshold indicating that it may be fraudulent, Salsa CRM does not send the donation to the merchant gateway processor. This helps to protect clients from card testing attacks that cost them time and money. When Salsa CRM flags a donation as potentially fraudulent, the donation will nevertheless appear to the donor to have been successful. No record of the potentially fraudulent transaction will be saved publicly in client accounts. The Fraud Check Failed flag will appear in only the Salsa CRM web donation queue. 

      Filters at the bottom left are to filter the currently selected queue, to restrict the visible report rows to only those in a particular date range, or to filter on a particular donor's last name, or whether to see incomplete rows (Donor Presented with Blank Demographic Page or Donor Completed Demographics) or rows with merchant account processing errors (Donation Finalized with Errors - these are extremely rare in the Web Donation Queue).

      To start entering the donations in Salsa CRM, double-click on a donation listing from the queue and enter the necessary information in the fields which are displayed – Batch, Donor, Fund, campaign and Appeal. Click Save or Save and Next

      Unprocessable Donations

      For the donations which present with a status other than “Donation Completed Successfully”, Salsa CRM will mark them as unprocessable. The Mark Unprocessable check box will be pre-selected for you and a default note will be in place. This note can be edited. Upon saving this information, this donation will be moved to the Unprocessable screen of the web donation queue. 

      After entering the batch, donor, etc. in the Edit Web Transaction popup, click the Save and Next button to save the changes you applied to the current open donation and move onto the next donation in the queue. Once you have processed the donations in the Unprocessed Queue, select the Processing option at the bottom of the page. Here you will see the donations you just worked with in the previous, Unprocessed queue.

      Processing Donations

      On the Processing screen, highlight a donation and select the Process button found at the bottom of the screen. This will open the donation screen in Salsa CRM. On this screen you are able to complete any other necessary information such as adding a donation letter, etc.

      Unlock the Workflow

      If you abandon the Processing step or your internet drops out during this process, sometimes the internal workflow queue thinks that you are still working on processing a donation and the entry is locked. If you see a warning that there are no more donations to process but there are donations in the Processing Queue, proceed to the Tools > Unlock Workflow Queue menu and click that menu entry. This will clear any locks on the Web Donation Queue internal workflow. This step requires the Unlock Workflow Queue task-based permission.

      On the donation screen, use the Save or Save and Next buttons to move through the rest of the donations in the Processing queue.

      Processed Donations

      Once you have finished entering all of the donation and return to the web donation queue, you will see that the donations which were in the Processing queue are now located in the Processed queue. This queue is a permanent history of your online donations.

      For more information on this screen, please reach out to our Help Desk at or by calling 866-935-8281.

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