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    Cultivation Overview

    In This Article:

      Salsa CRM Cultivation allows you to configure your own Processes, where a "Process" is any goal-oriented, multi-phased program.  For instance, you may have a "Major Gift" process, a "Grant" process, a "Volunteer Training" process, and a "Client Rehabilitation" process.  You may define any number of Phases for each Process, with an estimated time to complete each phase. For instance, your "Major Gift" process may include phases for: 

      1.  Identify high-potential donors
      2.  Obtain wealth information/giving potential
      3.  Identify people who know these donors (e.g., "Natural Partners")
      4.  Make initial contact


      You can add as many Phases to a Process as you like. The first step in using Salsa CRM Cultivation is to configure a Process.

      NOTE: In order to work with the Cultivation feature you must be assigned the appropriate permissions by your System Administrator.  The Manage Menu will list the features that the user has been granted access. If the user does not have Cultivation, it will will not display as an option.

      It is recommended only a few people be given permission to configure Cultivation.  The person who is in charge of the department using this feature would be an ideal candidate. 

      NOTE: Please note that you cannot log in with the Admin ID for the Cultivation feature.  If you do log in with Admin ID, a popup window will direct you to log in with a Non-Admin ID.


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