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    FAQ: How Do I Target My P2P Registrants With an Email Blast?

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      Within your Peer to Peer event, you can target specific segments of registrants.  This includes Team Captains, all Fundraisers, all Donors, and even specific fundraisers based on how close they are to hitting their goal.

      Go to the Management section of your Peer to Peer event.

      Select one of the preset segments based on what has been created to this point as well as fundraisers based on the goals their pages have hit up to this point. Options 

      When you choose one of the options above, this will automatically generate an email blast and the audience will be targeted to that specific sub-set of supporters.

      NOTE: an existing email blast cannot be selected to use for this Coaching Message, and the blast will need to be created "from scratch".

      For more information about our Coaching Message feature, please review the link below

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