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    FAQ: Clone an Activity

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      If your organization uses a standard layout that has been used in previous Activities, you can use this same layout by leveraging our Clone feature. This will allow you to start from a pre-generated layout you have used before, so the activity can be set up and edited quickly for use.

      1. Navigate to the Activities action on the left, then to the appropriate Activity tab at the top. There will be an icon to the far right that looks like 2 pieces of paper on top of each other, a universal "copy" icon.

      2. Click on the Clone icon on the same row as the activity you wish to copy, and that will then create a new Activity with the same title and Copy[1] next to it.

      NOTE: This will also create a URL of your activity in the format. You will want to update that URL on the Design page to ensure that the URL properly references what you have created.

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