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    FAQ: How Do I Reallocate a Donation to Another Fundraiser or Team?

    In This Article:

      Oftentimes, supporters register themselves for an event. At other times, someone else registers the supporters for the event. On these occasions, the purchaser may want to make a donation when they complete the registrations. Campaign managers may need to reallocate the extra donation to a specific fundraiser or team. This article explains how to reallocate transactions.

      There are a few different scenarios for these cases:

      • The purchaser is a fundraiser; the donation transaction will be allocated to their fundraiser page.
      • The purchaser is not a fundraiser, but only registers one person as a fundraiser; the donation transaction will be allocated to the fundraiser page.
      • The purchaser is not a fundraiser and registers several people as fundraisers; the donation transaction will be allocated to the event (we can't split the donation among the fundraisers).

      To reallocate a donation from one page to another...

      1. Select the Activities menu in Engage.
      2. Select the Peer to Peer tab at the top.
      3. Access the specific Peer to Peer event.
      4. If the form is already published, the Results tab should display. At the bottom of the page, you can see a tab labeled By Submissions. 

        You will only be able to update transactions for the Donation transaction type. Click on the transaction (from a supporter to an individual or team) that needs to have funds reallocated.

      5. Click the Reallocate button at the bottom of the Purchase Summary frame.reallocate_P2P_donation.png
      6. The Reallocate Donation dialog box will appear. Donations may be reallocated between fundraisers or teams or reallocated from a fundraiser to a team (and vice versa).
      7. To the right of the table, click the plus (+) or minus (-) icon to respectively allocate or de-allocate the donation. Donations may be allocated to only one fundraiser or team at a time.donation_reallocated.png
        For example, let us say that for a given transaction Team A has a donation allocated to them but Team B does not. If you want to de-allocate the donation from Team A and instead allocate the donation to Team B, click the plus icon for Team A, and then click the minus icon for Team B. Team A will now each have a minus icon, indicating that the donation is not being allocated to them, and Team B will have a plus icon, indicating that the donation is allocated to Team B.

      8. Click the Save button.
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