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    Engage Changes Due to Revised Facebook Permissions

    In This Article:

      As of August 1, 2018, Facebook has changed their terms of service and removed the API permissions that allow Salsa to post on a supporter or target's behalf to personal account timelines. Therefore, some functionality is no longer available.

      Affected Engage Functionality

      Functionality Still Available No Longer Available

      Targeted Actions

      • For Supporter segmentation, you will still be able to see the Facebook interaction history in a Supporter Query, under Advocacy History. For instance, you can still search for Supporters that communicated with a Target via Facebook.
      • Target posting to email, click to call, and Twitter.
      • Posting an Action on a target's Facebook timeline. This functionality has been removed retroactively.
      • Facebook channels have been removed from any actions that had a Facebook channel applied to them previously.
      • Results relating to Facebook message reporting have been removed and will not be exportable.
      • Facebook reporting on Insights and Insight Query has been removed, and all Facebook message counts have been subtracted from Total Messaging Insights.

      Social Promotion Tab

      Supporters can share your Form on Facebook, with the Social Share element.

      Social Promotion Targeted Action functionality has been removed. You used to be able to post your activity to Facebook for the Supporter while simultaneously submitting the Targeted Action.

      Social Posts

      Facebook permits using personal accounts to create custom audiences for lead ads and posting to Pages owned by personal accounts (for now). However, using Business Manager accounts are the best practice for non-profit organizations managing Pages, Audiences, and Ad Accounts.

      Posting directly to personal timelines.

      Engage Web Developer API

      promotionalFacebookMessage and promotionalTwitterMessage and target set options for Facebook will return () for actions executed after July 18, 2018 

      Strings and objects in the Action metadata API will remain, but just no longer be used by actions moving forward.


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