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    FAQ: How Do I Cancel or Refund a P2P Registration?

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      When managing your peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising event, it may become necessary to cancel registrations or refund registration fees for your event. Like Engage Events, you can cancel the registration, or you can refund the registration fee, or you can do both.

      To refund or cancel registrations in a P2P event...

      1. Select the Activities menu on the left side of your screen.
      2. Select the Peer-to-Peer tab toward the top of your screen.P2P_search.png
      3. Under the P2P dashboard graphs, select the P2P event in which you are interested or use the Search function to find the event in which you are interested if it is not easily observable on the list of P2P events.
        • Type a keyword that identifies your unique event.
        • select the Enter key or use the magnifying glass to search.
      4. After you've found the P2P event and opened the event, and it is already published, you should be taken to the Results tab for that event. At the bottom of the screen, there are event results with two tabs: By submissions and By registrations. Select the By Registrations tab.
      5. Using similar Search functionality as before, search for the supporter who needs to be canceled.
      6. Double-click on their name to open the Registration Details screen.
      7. You will have an option to Refund/Cancel individual registrations that were registered together or to Refund/Cancel All Tickets all at once.
      8. You will need to confirm if you want to...
        • Cancel ticket and refund payment
        • Cancel ticket but keep payment as a donation
        • Refund ticket without canceling it
          Note: refunding any offline transactions will adjust the dollars tracked accordingly. However, any offline processing such as returns of checks or cash will still need to be processed outside of the Engage system.

      This will not suspend any associated fundraisers. Suspending a fundraising page is separate from canceling the registration or refunding the registration cost. If you wish to also suspend a fundraiser, you must do that from the Fundraiser Detail page.


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