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    FAQ: How Do Change a Purchased Ticket Type?

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      Unfortunately, changing the type of purchased ticket is not possible. You will have to cancel the registration and register the attendees again. Refunding a ticketed event registration in Engage is optional when cancelling the registration. Campaign managers can always cancel the original purchase while retaining the donation, and re-register the supporters manually.

      To cancel a registration...

      1. Select the Activities menu on the left.
      2. Select the Events tab.
      3. Select the Event in which the supporter registered.
      4. Select the Results tab at the top, if not automatically selected.
      5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. The By Submissions tab should be automatically selected; if not, please select the By Submissions tab.
      6. Use the Search field to search for the supporter.
      7. Select the row for that supporter's registration.
      8. Select the Refund Entire Payment button to the right.
      9. There are three options when refunding payments: 
        • Cancel all tickets and refund payment.
        • Cancel all tickets but keep payment as a donation.
        • Refund all tickets without canceling them.
      10. Select the appropriate combination of refunding/canceling tickets and select OK.
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