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    FAQ: How Do I Enter Offline Attendees/Registrations/Donations Without a Donor Email?

    In This Article:

      Offline Attendees/Registrations/Donations entered into Engage without an email can only happen when the Campaign Manager enters the offline/complimentary registration transaction and capturing email addresses for attendees is optional.

      After the attendee and transaction are submitted...

      1. An Engage record is temporarily created - without an email address. Within a few minutes, that Engage record is removed.
      2. The transaction remains. When viewing it, you will see the supporters name (and that they were removed) as well as an offline transaction type.
      3. After approximately 5-10 minutes, Engage will pass this information to the CRM:
        • The resulting supporter record will not have an email address.
        • The transaction will be listed under their donations.
        • There will be an Activity in the Activities section--which will link to the Engage Event.
        • Note: To be clear, the link in the activities menu links to the Engage Event form, not the Engage transaction. Once on the Event page, you will need to search through the submissions/attendees list if you wish to find the Engage transaction. 
        • Finally, if applicable, the donation will appear in the potential duplicate queue.
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