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    Installments Report

    In This Article:

      Pledges, recurring credit card payments, and matching gifts create one-time or recurring payments, or installments, that need to be paid off on a schedule.

      The Installments Report allows you to investigate which installments in Salsa CRM are paid or unpaid, when installments are due, and whether credit cards associated with these installments are going to expire soon. By default, the report describes all active, unpaid installments of any type through the end of the current month. 

      To run the Installments report, select the Manage > Finances > Installments menu.


      The report contains the following columns:

      • Donor—The primary Donor on the donation record.
      • Due Date—The date the installment is due.
      • Amount Due—The amount due for the installment due on that date.
      • Type—Whether an installment is a Pledge, Recurring, or Matching installment.
      • Status—Whether an installment is Unpaid/Active, Paid, or Written Off/Inactive.
      • Payment—The Donation ID of a paid installment.
      • Card [Expiration]—The expiration date of a credit card associated with an installment.
      • Template—The Pledge or Recurring donation record where the pattern of installments was configured.
      • Setup Date—The timestamp of the Pledge or Recurring donation record where the pattern of installments had been configured for the first time.
      • Source—This indicates where the installment originated: Engage or CRM.

      The following filters are available in this report at the top of the screen:

      • Donor—Search for donor names using search criteria that begin with the values typed in this field.
      • Card Expires by—Only show installments where the associated credit card is going to expire by the date entered. When blank, no filter is applied to card expiration dates, so every installment displays, including installments where the card expiration date is blank.
      • Rejected Only—This checkbox filters installments so that only installments rejected by the payment processor will return in the results. The whole installment row will be highlighted in bold if the payment was rejected. To see the reason why a card was rejected...
        1. Click once on the row to highlight in yellow.
        2. Click the View Reason button in the bottom right.
      • Due After—Only show installments due after the date specified in this field.
      • Due By—Only show installments due before the date specified in this field.
      • Exclude Deactivated—Check this box to show only installments that have not been deactivated or written off within the Pledge or Recurring Details window.
      • Status
        • Unpaid/Active—Pledge installments have not been paid or recurring installments have not come due yet.
        • Writeoff/Inactive—Pledge installments have been written off manually that they will not ever get fulfilled or recurring installments have been deactivated.
        • Paid—All installments that have been paid, either online by credit card or offline by some other payment type like check or cash.
      • Type
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