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    FAQ: How Do I Add Double The Donation To My Activities?

    In This Article:

      Raise money from corporate matching gifts by integrating a Double the Donation account into your Engage forms. Donors can investigate corporate matching gift programs as you automate follow up, gain actionable insight, grow revenue, and more.

      Please note that this feature requires a subscription to 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. Salsa does not control nor is responsible for corporate matching policy information made available to Double the Donation. 


      Configure Double the Donation in Engage

      To view the Double the Donation settings...

      1. Click the Settings icon (hammer and wrench) in the top right corner of the screen.
      2. Click the teal-colored Switch to... button on the right.
      3. Select Double the Donation from the drop-down menu.

      Sign Up For 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

      On the Double the Donation settings page, click I want to obtain a new account or upgrade my Double the Donation account to 360MatchPro to inquire about creating a new account or upgrading an existing Basic or Premium account to 360MatchPro.

      Fill out the referral form with your organization and primary contact information. A representative from Double the Donation will contact you shortly after you submit the form, with pricing and setup information.

      Set Up 360MatchPro

      Once you have created a new 360MatchPro account or upgraded an existing Basic or Premium account to a 360MatchPro account, add your public and private account keys in Salsa Engage. To activate Double the Donation...

      1. Click the Settings icon (hammer and wrench) in the top right corner of the screen.
      2. Click the teal-colored Switch to... button on the right.
      3. Select Double the Donation from the drop-down menu.
      4. Click Use your existing 360MatchPro API credentials
      5. Enter your public and private keys from your account portal.
      6. Click Submit.

      Once your key values are saved, you can visit your Double the Donation portal by selecting the blue link below your key values.

      Remove 360MatchPro Settings

      Clear your key values by selecting the Remove button. You will see a confirmation window, stating you are about to remove this 360MatchPro account. Please note that removing the account will cause existing 360MatchPro elements in your forms to no longer function. You should remove those elements from your Engage forms and then republish the forms.

      If you wish to retain these values before you clear them, click the Copy to Clipboard button at the end of the row and paste the value elsewhere. You can only copy one value at a time; copying the second value overwrites the first value in the Clipboard.


      The 360MatchPro Widget Elements

      Two 360MatchPro Widget elements work with your fundraising form data collection or confirmation screens. Click and drag the elements onto your form during your form edits to add the element to your form.

      The checkout element allows the supporter to investigate during the checkout process if Double the Donation knows about that company's matching gift program. This element transmits information to your Double the Donation account regarding the potential match.


      The confirmation element lets the donor search for an organization's matching policy information within the confirmation element after the donation has been made. Checkout screen searches also coordinate with this element, so supporters will find that their input from the checkout screen populates this widget.


      This 360MatchPro Widget confirmation element takes up 100% of the row width, by default.

      360MatchPro Element Details

      360MatchPro elements contain a search feature for supporters to find their employer's matching gift program. If the company search finds a match, this means that Double the Donation is aware of the program and has information about the company's matching gift program.


      The following matching gift program information may be available in the confirmation element:

      • Match Amounts such as Minimum and Maximum qualifying match amounts or the Match Ratio. For example, a 1:1 match ratio means for every $1 donated, the corporation will match $1.
      • Employee Eligibility such as Full-Time, Part-Time, or Retired Employees, for example.
      • Matching Gift Information provides detailed information on the corporation's matching gift program and describes the process required to submit matching requests, which may include links to corporate web sites for more information. Most corporations will have web-based submissions, but some may require printing a form for submission.
      • Volunteer Grants can translate volunteer hours into monetary donations.
      • Corporate Information may contain contact information for gift coordinators at these corporations.


      If Double the Donation doesn't find any matches, they suggest double-checking the corporation spelling, trying the spouse's employer, or submitting information about the corporation's matching gift program so Double the Donation can update their records.


      Activity Results

      Double the Donation sends an email confirmation to the supporter about the potential matching gift. In addition to all the details of the gift match, Double the Donation asks the supporter to keep them up-to-date when the match request is submitted.


      Salsa Engage also captures the following potential matching gift details in your Activity export file:

      • 360MatchPro Lookup—The name of the matching organization.
      • Matching Gift Offered—Yes or No value whether the matching organization offers a match.
      • Minimum Match—Minimum match value offered by the organization.
      • Matching Gift Status
        • Eligible Statuses
          1. unknown-employer
          2. waiting-for-donor-action
          3. waiting-for-verification
          4. pending-payment
          5. match-complete
        • Ineligible Status
        • Additional Statuses
          1. no_interaction—there was no interaction with the 360MatchPro Lookup on form, this status will transition to unknown-employer.
          2. entered_text—there was an interaction with the 360MatchPro Lookup element, but organization was not found; status will transition to unknown-employer.
          3. found—organization found; status will transition to waiting-for-donor-action.
      • Last Matching Gift Status Update 
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