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    Import New Constituent and Donation Information

    In This Article:

      New donation information may be imported to Salsa CRM, however, updates to existing donations are not possible. 

      1. To access Advanced Import, select Tools > Data Sync > Advanced Import.
      2. The Advanced Import screen opens.
      3. Select the Browse button on the Advanced Import screen in Salsa CRM, to locate the appropriate file you want to import. Once you have highlighted the file to be imported, select the Open button. The name of the file you selected is located next to the Browse button.  Remember: The column headings for the import file have specific requirements, including an Import ID.  Please review the steps in Importing New Constituent Information article.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
      4. Next, you will need to enter the a reference or the Vendor Name into the Vendor Name field. If needed, please review the steps in Importing New Constituent Information article for instructions to complete the Vendor text field.
      5. If you are importing information that needs to be mapped to an existing form in Salsa CRM, please refer to the Importing Information to Forms article for instrustructions.
      6. Select the Process button.
      7. The Import Options window opens. This window will display default information available based on the column headers which you have imported.
      8. When you select default information, this information will be applied only to records that are creating new constituent records in the database. NOTE: This default information will not be applied to records in the database that are only being updated.
      9. Once you have selected any necessary default information, select the Continue button. The Data Import Resolution Queue window opens.
      10. The Status column will display if the import has been successful, or list any of these other reasons: Unprocessed, Invalid or Missing Data, Missing Parent Record, Hon/Mem Resolution, Potential Duplicate, System Error, Donation Update, Ignore, Unknown City, Constituent Update, Duplicate Government ID, Pledge Pay No Template, Pledge Pay No Installments, Duplicate Data Sync Map. NOTE: Once a record has been marked with a Status of Success, you know that this record has been successfully imported into Salsa CRM. No further action is required. 
      11. Use the Search Criteria at the top of the screen to narrow your results so that you can more quickly adjust the import information for processing into Salsa CRM. The Success box is not checked thereby excluding the successfully imported records from the listing. This will allow you to edit information on any unsuccessful records more quickly.                                                                                                  
      12. Double-click on a line to open the details for that record, make the corrections and if this was the only issue with this import record, the Status will show as Success indicating that this record has been successfully imported into Salsa CRM.  
      13. Once all of the import information has a Status of Success, select the Process button in the lower right hand corner to adjust any information on the record. Salsa CRM will open the corresponding Constituent or Donation record. Be sure to select the Save button if you have made any changes to the record.
      14. Previously imported files are available for you to view by selecting Tools, Data Sync and Resolution Queue.
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