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    Import Pledges and Pledge Payments

    In This Article:

      When importing pledges and pledge payments into Salsa CRM you will follow the steps listed in the Importing New Constituent and Donation Information article. However, in the file to be imported, depending on the import information, you need to include:

      • Gift Import ID – The unique gift record ID from the source vendor system. If omitted, a unique ID will be created from a combination of name and address fields. Gift Import IDs should not be duplicated by any other transaction.
      • Pledge Import ID - If you have previously imported the original pledge into Salsa CRM, you will need to include the Pledge Import ID. This is the Gift Import ID you used when importing the original pledge. You can find the Pledge Import ID on the original donation by selecting the Data Sync Button located on the donation record or by selecting Tools > Data Sync > Resolution Queue, then select the import record and scroll to the column that lists Gift Import ID.
      • Salsa CRM Pledge ID – If the original pledge was created in Salsa CRM you will need to locate the Donation ID on the original donation record and enter this information into the Salsa CRM Pledge ID field of the file you are going to import into Salsa CRM.
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