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    Import Donations with Spouses as Co-Donors

    In This Article:

      Use Salsa CRM Advanced Import to add donations, with constituents as primary donors and spouses as co-donors at the same time.

      The process is the same as for an Import New Constituent and Donation Information, with the following distinctions:

      • The constituent and spouse must have already been imported into Salsa CRM previously.
      • The data must contain a Spouse first name, last name, and spouse constituent number.
      •  When the data is processed, a pre-flight of the data will identify the presence of Spouse data in the file and add a field to the Import Options called Add Spouse as Co-Donor.
        1. Select the Add Spouse as Co-Donor checkbox.
        2. Select the Continue button. This adds the Spouse as Co-Donor on the imported Donation.



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