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    Advanced Import Overview

    In This Article:

      Advanced Import enables you to import constituent data from other applications as well as donations, pledges, notes, custom fields and form information into both new and existing constituent records faster than typing it in.

      Download data from your other applications straight into a CSV file, or into an Excel spreadsheet which can then be converted to a CSV file.

      Advanced Import Training and Overview

      Check out the Salsa Scholars Advanced Import training course. Watch our Quick Clips video (below) for a quick overview.

      Advanced Import Workflow


      A very general workflow for using Advanced Import is as follows:

      1. Export your source data to a comma-delimited (CSV) file.
      2. Make sure your data column headers match our required column headers.
      3. Edit data according to our best practices.
      4. Upload the CSV file to the Advanced Import module.
      5. Process any unimported data through the Resolution Queue.

      You'll notice that the majority of steps in the workflow have to do with making sure your data is in good shape. Having good data going in to Salsa CRM means you'll get good data out when you look at your reports.

      Advanced Import Permissions

      Prior to using the Advanced Import, users must have the Data-Related Permissions assigned. Without this permission assigned, a user will not be able to access the Advanced Import. If you do not have this permission, please check with you Database Administrator. 

      To Assign Permissions:

      1. From the main menu, select Manage and then Roles.
      2. On the Roles panel on the left-hand side of the screen, highlight the Role to which you would like to add the Advanced Import Data-Related Permissions. You will want to add the Advanced Import Data-Related Permissions to the role that has already been assigned to the user who will be working with Advanced Import.
      3. On the Data-Related Permissions panel, located on the lower half of the Roles screen, select the appropriate Add, Edit, View and Delete permissions located next to Advanced Import option.


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