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    New Activity or Form: The Basics

    In This Article:

      This is the second step in the creation of any Activity or Form. You will add Basics information, such as a name and description for the given Activity. This section documents the Basics screen for all Activities.

      After selecting your new activity starting point and moving the Basics tab, fill out the following fields:

      • Name this [activity] form—The name of this new form was filled out on the previous Make Your Selection tab. Feel free to use any name that will help you and the other campaign managers on the account to internally differentiate this form from all of the others in a list of forms. This field is required.
      • Add a description—This information isn’t required but can be helpful in the future for figuring out which forms do what. This description is only used internally.


      Some activities have basic page fields that are unique to that type of activity,

      • Will this targeted action include Click To Call? (Targeted Actions) - Select this option if your Targeted Action comprises a Click to Call option. Click here for more information about Click To Call.
      • Event Details -(Event and Peer-to-Peer Event Activities) This includes the publicly visible name of the event, its start and stop dates and times, and the timezone of the event.
      • Is this event online-only? (Peer-to-Peer Event Activities) - If you select Yes, the Event Locations field will disappear.
      • Event Location (Event and Peer-to-Peer Event Activities) - This where the event will take place.
      • Will this event allow teams? (Peer-to-Peer Event Activities) - Select Yes if you want to enable supporters to add teams. See Peer to Peer Events for more information.
      • Will you require fundraisers to sign a waiver? (Peer-to-Peer Event Activities) - Select Yes if you want your supporters to sign a waiver for the event. The waver Text windows will appear to enable you to enter your waiver content.
      • Tracking Donations in Salsa CRM (Fundraising, Events, and Peer-to-Peer Activities) - This enables you to set the Fund, Campaign, and OR Appeal that will be assigned to donations processed through this form.

      Click the Next» button at the bottom-right of the window. Typically, the next step is to compose your form.

      Please see the article on Visual Editor for Activities and Messages.

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