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    Advanced Query Wizard: Query Calculations

    In This Article:

      The Calculation button offers various calculating possibilities. This functionality is for only advanced users.

      1. On the Step 2 windows of the Advanced Query Wizard, select the Add Calculation button. The Add Calculated Column window appears.
      2. Enter a name in the Assign Column Name box to identify the calculated column.
      3. Click the Build button to create the calculation. The Build Calculation window is displayed.
      4. Click the Insert Column... button. The Select Column window appears.
      5. Highlight the field you wish to use in your calculation, and then select OK.
      6. Select an operation from the Build Calculation window. Continue in this manner until your calculation is complete.  
      7. Add Parentheses to the calculation as needed. Parentheses are needed when mixing addition or subtraction operations with multiplication and division operations. For example: (2+2) x 15 = 60 whereas 2+2 x 15 = 32
      8. Once you have completed the calculation, click OK, and then finish creating your query according to the normal workflow. The calculation will be displayed in your query results as a column with the name you assigned.
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