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    Connect Social Media Accounts

    In This Article:

      To communicate with your supporters via Social Posts, you will need to link your social media account(s) (for example, Facebook and LinkedIn) to Salsa Engage. To do this, you must be an admin for the Facebook page(s) that you want to link, and the pages must not be private. You can link multiple accounts of each type to your account, and you will be able to decide which to use when sharing content through social media channels.

      1. Click the Social tab to the left of the Salsa Engage window, and then select the Accounts tab.
      2. To add a new account, click Connect a social media account and then select the channel that you want to link to Salsa Engage.

        Note: To use Salsa Engage support for Lead Ads, you will need to add a Facebook Ads account. Click here for more information about Salsa Engage support for Lead Ads.
      3. Follow the prompts to log in to the social account that you want to link. Your social media accounts will be synced with Salsa and you can post Social messages.

      Note: Salsa Engage will not connect any Facebook page for which the Facebook profile account is not public.

      Modify an Account

      Modify an account that is already linked in Salsa Engage, click the account row in the table of linked accounts. The information is used for reference within Salsa Engage and won’t be seen publicly.

      Delete an Account

      To delete an account, click the check box next to the account, and then click the Delete Account button.

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