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    Email Series (including Welcome Series)

    In This Article:

      Email series are sent out to supporters automatically after a supporter completes a qualifying activity. Email series are a great way to cultivate relationships and engage supporters on a continuing basis. In this section we will cover how to create and publish a welcome series.

      Step 1: Getting Started

      1. Click the Email tab, and then click the Email Series tab.
      2. On the Email Series tab, click the + Create Email Series button to the right of the window.


      Step 2: Settings

      1. Give the email series a reference name, this field is required to proceed with the process. In the Name this series field enter a reference name that will enable you to search for and easily identify the series. This name will be used only internally.

      2. In the Add a description field, add any additional information that might be helpful to your or your team at a later time.

      3. Choose who should receive the series:

      • All new subscribers - Use this option when you want all new Salsa Engage subscribers to receive the welcome series of emails, regardless of whether they've been added manually to Engage, via online form to Engage, or via CSV import to Engage. Note: New user's pushed from Salsa CRM will not trigger or be included in the welcome series. So, if you have welcome emails you should add new users directly to Salsa Engage (and, if you own Salsa CRM, let Salsa Engage push them down to Salsa CRM).
      • Only new subscribers added to an existing group - Use this option when you want to send a series to only a specific group or groups. For example, you might select a group that you created called "$10,000 - $15,000 donors" to receive a series about your upcoming gala. When you select this option, the Which group(s) should we use? frame opens. Select the groups that should receive the emails.
      • Only new subscribers add in this way: - This option gives you granular control over when this welcome series should be sent. When you select this option, a new frame opens with the following options:
        • On a Specific Form - This option will let you search your forms and choose a specific one to attribute this welcome series to.
        • Through an Import - This option will send the welcome series to new subscribers from an import.
        • Entered Manually - This option will send the welcome series to new subscribers who are entered manually.

      4. Specify when this welcome series should end for particular users. By default it will be set to None, don’t end until all messages are sent. This option will ensure that all messages get sent to the new subscriber.

      Note:  If the supporter fully unsubscribes from your list, the welcome series will end automatically.

      5. Click Next: Create Email Flow a the bottom-right of the window to setup the emails that Salsa Engage will send.

      Step 3: Series Flow - Setup the Email Series Flow

      By default we will set you up with three emails spaced 7 days apart.


      In this frame, you'll find controls to add new emails to the series, edit existing emails, and delete emails:

      • To delete an email in the series click the trashcan symbol next to the email. h16.png
      • To create a new email in the welcome series click the Add Another Email to the Series.
      • To edit the settings of an email in the series click the edit button on the email that you would like to edit. You'll see the following options. (When you're done editing, click the Save button to save your changes.)
        • Use the Email name field to change the the internal use only name of the email.
        • Next you can choose how long we will wait before sending the email and at what time it will be sent.
        • You also have the option to limit sends to particular days. Limit sends to...
          • Send when scheduled - This will send the email at exactly the number of days and time you set in the previous step.
          • Only Send on Weekdays - If the specified amount of time would land on a weekend, the welcome series email will wait to send until it is a weekday.
          • Only Send on the Weekend - If the specific amount of time would land on a weekday, the welcome series email will wait to send until a weekend.
        • The next option will give you more granular control over each of the messages allowing you to specify if they should be skipped if a condition is met. Skip if...
          • Don’t Skip - This email will always send unless the "What should stop this series" condition is met (if you set one on the previous step).
          • The supporter has donated - If the supporter donates this welcome series email won’t send.
          • The supporter has clicked a link in an email - If the supporter clicks on any link in an email this welcome series email won’t send.
        • In the edit options you also need to create the email that will be sent, click the Edit the Message button to create it.
          The process for creating the email that will be sent is nearly identical to creating a standard email blasts. The main difference is that you will have the opportunity to test each individual email in the series towards the bottom of each Composition page, as opposed to doing so on a separate Final Steps page. See the Email documentation for detailed directions.
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