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    Merge Constituents from the Constituent Dashboard

    In This Article:

      If you have multiple records for the same constituent, they are entered slightly differently, or they aren’t showing in the Constituent Merge Utility you may merge them through the constituent’s main page. 

      1. Search for the constituent you wish to merge with other records.
      2. Move your mouse over the Edit menu, and click the Merge menu.
      3. Use the Select... button at the left to select the constituent you wish to merge with this constituent.
      4. Click Next below to continue.
      5. Complete one or more of the fields above, then click Search.
      6. Double-click to select the appropriate constituent record, as there may be more than one constituent in the search results.
        NOTE: If you inadvertently select the same constituent record as your original, a warning will display, "You have selected the original constituent that you chose to merge. Please select a different constituent."
      7. The selected constituent's name will now appear below the Select button. Click the Next button.
      8. Confirm that you want to merge information associated with the second candidate into the first candidate. If this is incorrect, click the Back button below to choose a different "Candidate 2". Alternately, close this wizard; open the correct constituent's record; and start this process again. If the Merge Candidates are correct, select Next below to continue.
      9. The checkboxes on the left represent data that occurs only once on the constituent record, or, data that might be duplicated if copied unconditionally from the other merge candidate. Click to add/remove a checkmark next to the information to be included in the merge. 
        NOTE: the last checkbox option is to Delete Duplicate Constituent After Merge. This will eliminate the Candidate 2 record completely after the merge completes, and this action cannot be undone.
      10. Click the Next button.
      11. The View Items Merged window appears. Review the items which were merged
      12. Select the Finish button.
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