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    My Dashboard Overview and Configuration

    In This Article:

      The My Dashboard feature consolidates daily activities and contacts into one, easy-to-use screen high-level overview. Dashboards are user specific. 

      If you would like the My Dashboard to display at login, from the toolbar...

      1. Select the Tools menu.
      2. Select the Options menu.
      3. Select the Other tab.
      4. Select the checkbox next to Display my Dashboard upon login.


      The My Dashboard screen is separated into two panels. The left side of the screen shows Add Widgets explorer.

      The Dashboard view displays information according to the widget selected from the Add Widgets Explorer. Notice that the Add Widgets explorer changes based on the widgets added to the Dashboard view.

      Add or Remove a Widget

      • To add a widget to your dashboard, click the Click the + sign to the right of desired widget on the Add Widget explorer and the widget will be added to the dashboard view.
      • If you want to remove the widget from the dashboard, click the  (top right corner of the widget)  to return the widget to the Add Widget list on the left side.
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