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    Personal Notes

    In This Article:

      The Personal Note Widget displays your notes.  These notes are specific to the Dashboard and to the user.  Think of this as the place you would put your “sticky note” reminders.

      On the Notes screen, you may Add, Edit and Delete notes using the buttons located at the top of the widget.

      To add a note...

      1. click Add Note button
      2. Select the Purpose from the drop-down                                                                         
      3. Select the date, time and select AM or PM by clicking the radio button
      4. The Timer starts immediately when the Add Notes window opens. Click Stop Timer when you prefer
      5. Add comments in the Notes section
      6. Click Save
      7. This will be repeated for each note to appear on the dashboard
      8. If you want to delete the note, click the Red "X" next to Add Note button.


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