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    Groups: Add Constituents

    In This Article:

      Groups and Smart Groups enable you to segment constituents into groups based on like characteristics. Groups can be searched for in the Constituent Search feature or in the Advanced Query Wizard. Query on specific groups to send targeted, personalized mailings to past participants in your annual walk, information directed to the people you serve or donors at the Platinum level. 

      Groups are configurable to your organization’s specific needs. Click here for direction on adding Groups or Smart Groups.

      To add a constituent to specific groups follow the steps below.

      1. On the left panel of your constituent screen, in the Constituent Explorer, select Groups.
      2. The right side of the screen now displays Available Groups and Selected Groups.
      3. Under Available Groups is a list of the groups currently defined in Salsa CRM.
      4. Click to highlight the group to which you wish to assign the constituent and select the Right Arrow button or double click on the desired group. The group that you have just assigned will now be displayed in the Selected Groups column.  NOTE: You may also double click on an Available Group and it will move to the Selected Group column.                                                                       
      5. To remove a group from the Selected Group column, select the group, and then select the Left Arrow button.
      6. Select Save.
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