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    Add Directions to an Address

    In This Article:

      Directions and information about an address can be linked to the address by selecting the Directions to this Address button at the top of the Address panel.  The constituent record must be saved first in order to enable the Directions to this Address button.

      1. Open the desired record by following the steps in the Searching for a Constituent Record article.
      2. In the Address Panel, click to select the desired address if there is more than one address for the constituent.
      3. If you would like to add Directions to this Address, click to select the Directions button.
      4. The Directions window opens.  In this window you may record the description of the constituent’s house, any alerts that someone visiting the home may need to know and a photo. To add a photo to the directions choose the Browse button in the Photo panel and browse to the location where the image is saved on your computer or network.  Double click on the desired image to insert it into the directions. If the photo should be removed, click the Remove Photo button.
      5. To view via Google Maps, click the Google Maps button.  Another browser window will appear with the map, a possible image of the property/location and the option to request directions.
      6. Enter written directions in the Directions panel (required), once the directions are complete, select the Save button.
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