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    FAQ: How Do I Manage Dedication Donations From Engage?

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      Within Engage fundraising forms, a Dedication element allows your supporters to make a tribute donation— a donation in honor or in memoriam of someone. The Dedication element contains the honored or memorialized person's name. This information will be shared with Salsa CRM when the donation is synced. The dedication is not automatically considered a formal constituent record but would need to be if, for instance, you want to send a list of donations to the dedicated person or family with the Acknowledgment Wizard.

      If you wish to convert that name into a constituent record in the CRM, you can use the Unresolved Dedication queue:

      1. Select the Manage > Finances > Unresolved Dedications menu.  If there are records to address, there will be a red exclamation mark (!) indicating there are unresolved dedications to review.
      2. Once you access this page you will see a list of dedications and donors.
        The table contains the following data:
        • Received Date
        • Amount
        • Activity Name
        • Donor
        • Honor/Memorial
        • Dedication
      3. To create a constituent record, click the Search button. This looks for an already existing constituent with the same first and last name in Salsa CRM.
        • If the same constituent is found, click once on the link that is their name.
        • If the constituent is not found, click the Add button to create a new constituent.
      4. To ignore creating a constituent record, click the Resolve button. This will permanently close the dedication record and no more needs to be done with that particular record. It is not retrievable in the future.
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