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    Advanced Query Wizard: Create an Engage Type Query

    In This Article:

      Update Engage supporters in a variety of ways using Salsa CRM's Advanced Query Wizard. A Constituent type Query for the purpose of Salsa Engage is required to update Engage with the CRM data.

      Here are a couple of examples why you would want to run an Advanced Query like this:

      • You want to email members who are expiring soon, and you want to use data only found in Salsa CRM, generating an Advanced Query containing the information, then sharing it with Engage as a one-off email blast to the intended targets in your query results, and including Output Fields from your query as mail merge variables in your query.
      • You want to email Supporters about an Event, you have the Audience defined in Engage, but you need to exclude those who have already donated this year by any means, not just online engagements.

      Building the Query

      1. From the main menu, choose Reports > Queries > Advanced Query Wizard. The Advanced Query Wizard launches.
      2. Select the Create new query option at the top of the Query Wizard window.
      3. From the Query Type frame to the left of the window, choose the Constituent category.
        Note: The Constituent type query contains a Donation Info node with basic donation information. 
      4. In the Purpose of this Query frame, choose Salsa Engage, and then click Next.
      5. The Step 2: Select Query Criteria window will open. From here, normal query building can occur.
      6. Filter on Email Address IS NOT BLANK and Email Status IS ONE OF "Unknown", "Opt In".
      7. Click Next until you get to Step 4: Post-Query Options.
      8. Select the Salsa Engage button.

      Post-Query Options

      Engage Update Process 

      Add or Update Salsa Engage Supporters

      Select the button and Salsa CRM will begin the process of transferring the data to Engage. This does not sync donation data to Engage, just the supporter data.

      Add Supporters to Salsa Engage Email Blast

      1. Select the button.
      2. Either select an existing email blast that was created with this process or start a new email blast.
        NOTE: an existing email blast that was not started with this process cannot be selected with this process. The email blast has to originate with this process in order for the mail merging to work.
        NOTE: Query Output Fields will sync to the Engage Email Blast as Merge Fields that can be inserted into the email.

      Remove Supporters from Salsa Engage Email Blast

      Replace Supporters in Salsa Engage Email Blast

      Add Supporters to Salsa Engage Group

      1. Select the button.
      2. Either select an existing synced Group or start a new synced Group.
        NOTE: Smart Groups and Engage Custom Groups are not eligible for this process.

      Remove Supporters from Salsa Engage Group

      Replace Supporters in Salsa Engage Group


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