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    Quick Add Constituents

    In This Article:

      In case you don't know much more about the constituent you're entering besides the name, the Quick Add option contains a limited data set to make data entry easy. This option is available from the Constituent Search screen.


      Only first and last names are required to be added to add a new Individual constituent record before it can be saved for the first time. To access the Quick Add screen...

      1. From the main Salsa CRM screen, choose Manage > Constituents.
      2. Click the Quick Add button.

      Enter the following fields on the Quick Add screen...

      • [Name] Title
      • First [Name] (required)
      • Middle [Name]
      • Last [Name] (required)
      • [Name] Suffix
      • Nickname
      • Gender
        • Unknown
        • Male
        • Female
      • Deceased—This field simply marks the constituent as passed away on a default date stored in the Tools > Options menu. You may not know when the person actually passed away.
      • Email
      • Note Purpose
      • Note
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