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    Constituent Dashboard FAQ

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      This page discusses frequently asked questions regarding the Constituent Dashboard functionality.

      Does the Dashboard receive data passed down from Events in Salsa Engage?

      Yes, if a Constituent signs up for an event in Engage, we show the Online Event activity in the Activities Widget.

      Does the last personal contact date have anything to do with emails sent via Engage?          

      Last Personal Contact only indicates contact made by an individual staff member to the Constituent. Specifically, any Notes with a note purpose that include Email, Phone, or Meeting or a Cultivation touch.

      Is Instagram available as a social media option?

      You can add Instagram as a custom contact type under Manage > Configuration > Constituent and click on the Contact Tab.

      Will there be an area for someone to see all of the possible constituent's cultivations? Not just for one person?

      The Cultivation report shows all Constituents and all processes. The Cultivation node on every constituent record shows all processes for just that constituent.

      Are there any differences in the fields/layout/etc. for Organization type records?

      The widgets and layout are the same for Organization-type records.

      Have any changes been made on the Donations screen?

      Not at this time. The process of adding a donation for Constituent has not changed with the new Dashboard.

      If you send an email to a constituent from CRM, does it store that email to be previewed later?

      Yes, there is an option to store the email as a Note when sending an email from the CRM, if you check the "Create a Constituent Note" check box.

      When you update a profile in CRM, will it automatically update in Engage?

      Engage will update with synced details like First Name, Last Name, Email, etc., along with updates to Common Custom Fields when Save is clicked.

      Can the quick links menu show fiscal year-to-date instead of calendar year-to-date?

      Currently, the Constituent Status metrics use Calendar Year. There will be a Timeframe drop down on the Giving widget that will allow you toggle between Fiscal Year and Calendar, if you have a Fiscal Year that's different then the Calendar year. This toggle will give you giving details on the Fiscal Year interval instead.

      On the Dashboard's total giving, can you filter out specific funds to show up under "total giving?"

      The dashboard is designed to give you a sum of all of the donor's giving. Filtering on Funds is not currently available.

      How is the donation information displayed on the Dashboard (by individual or household?)          

      The Constituent Dashboard displays fundraising metrics by the individual.

      Does the personal giving summary include in-kind donations?

      The giving widget will not include in-kind donations that have a donation amount of $0.

      Will the giving widget exclude soft credit donations?

      The giving widget will not include soft credits in this release, but this will be available in a future release.

      Where would I able to create a new group name?

      Add a new group under Manage > Configuration > Groups.

      Does this impact importing?

      No change has been made to the process of importing constituent data.

      Any plans to change the rest of the system to be cleaner like the new constituent record view?

      Thanks for the feedback! We are always looking to improve the look and feel of the CRM and do have plans to continue this effort.

      Is it possible to add membership to the Dashboard activities?

      It's not currently possible to view Membership-related changes in the Activities widget. We do have it on our roadmap to add Membership as a distinct widget that will show you Membership-related data for a Constituent.

      Will all salutation overrides in our current view of Salsa CRM remain the same after the new dashboard is activated? Or will we need to re-enter them?

      Yes, Salutation overrides will not need to be re-entered due to changes in the new Dashboard. They will be listed as you have currently stored them, under Edit > Salutations.

      Where is the spouse link and will it still be a hyperlink?

      When you set a Spouse or Child/Parent relationship, the name of the Spouse and any Children will display with hyperlinks to their respective Constituent records.

      How many sticky notes can be added? Is there a limit to the number of characters that are allowed in the sticky notes?

      Just one sticky note is available, limited to 256 characters. It's designed to be a summary line that your staff should read when working with a Constituent.

      Can the widgets be set for all constituents?

      The display settings you set will be set for your user account only. You'll then see those settings for each constituent you open. Every user will have separate widget settings.

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